Why Would A Narcissist Not Want You Back?!

You know too much ,, plain and simple.
If you were strong enough to leave A Narcissist either by walking away on your own accord or by getting discarded then count your blessings.

You have been given a second chance to live.
Having said this chances are your self-esteem is severely diminished before you were able to escape.

The Narcissist no doubt used classic gaslighting and manipulative tactics trying to wear you down to total dependency.

You maybe left wondering why this person wouldn’t want you back because you are sure that you gave the relationship your all or you have been left trying to understand what went wrong because the discard was abrupt.

Perhaps he has already moved on before you could even blink.

He’s onto the next and you are left wondering what this new person has that you don’t.

The answer is ignorance.
She hasn’t discovered who he is yet.
Rest assured that when the new target figures things out, she will be discarded.

She will likely be discarded by The Narcissist for knowing too much too.

A Narcissist relies on a mate’s oblivion regarding of who he truly is behind the false façade.

A Narcissist always follows three phases ,, Idealise, Devalue and Discard.

This doesn’t change simply because The Narcissist has changed partners.

A tiger can’t change his stripes.
Therefore A Narcissist will continue to filter through Victims, always discarding once The Present Victim has learnt too much and begins to question the situation she’s been suckered into.

He will likely try to revert this person’s perception for sometime and intermix pathological lies with pointed devaluing techniques designed to scare The Victim back into submission.

All the while he will begin grooming The Next Target on the side just in case this doesn’t work or it requires too much effort.

Inherently egocentric, A Narcissist will never devote too much time to anyone else.

If A Narcissist doesn’t want you back consider this as a gift ,, the best gift ever!

It means you won’t have to worry about hoovering as much which can still happen and that The Narcissist’s focus has shifted to someone unsuspecting, giving you much needed breathing room.

Be thankful that you were intuitive enough to see that this was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

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