Why Would The Narcissist Accuse Me Of Doing The Things He Does And Call Me Crazy?!

I kept asking myself this question for so long.

I didn’t understand because my social interactions are relatively normal.

I practice healthy, open, honest and communication.

Toxic people don’t operate from this standpoint but they sure as hell know how to spot someone who does operate honestly and take advantage of their naiveté.

The answer to the question was easy to deduce and that he wanted to offload all his toxic behaviour and emotions on to some unsuspecting and naive person because he has no conscience.

He has literally learnt how to mimic genuine people but when it comes to standing up to the plate he baulks and walking the walk he can’t.

That’s when the switch occurs and he reverts to his true nature.

No conscience whatsoever and merely trying to survive on limited resources.

Whatever comes out of his mouth of accusations was actually more like a confession of what he had done himself.

He literally gave himself away EVERY time he opened his mouth.

And he would call me crazy because he wanted to distance himself as far as possible from his crazy so he offloads the label on to me.

Sadly he is so convincing and determined his charade will work for his own mental and emotional stability.

The charade does work and too many people believe him initially however usually when everyone stands back and they are in the spotlight themselves it becomes apparent where the crazy lies.

He really doesn’t know how low to stoop and if it was possible to lower the barrier he would be there pushing and pushing to display even worse toxic behaviour.

When you find yourself in a similar situation don’t worry it’s not you.

Listen to your gut feelings and feel no need to excuse or explain what he is about and just do your best to get yourself out of his reach.

Sadly the human brain searches for explanations to make sense of the world but you will never change his behaviour or the outcome and you can’t make sense out of nonsense.

Just accept the fact that he is damaged goods and run for your life!

He does that to save his fragile ego.

It’s called projection.
That type of behaviour is A Signature Narcissistic Behaviour.

The inability to admit any wrongdoing or failings.

The fear of being exposed.
To save face he blames you for everything he did wrong to divert the negative attention off of himself and save his seemingly perfect reputation.

He does so very loudly and publicly to be sure that he is not the one looked down upon and sometimes to the point of paranoia.

I have experienced this.
It was my first experience with such paranoia, deceit and pathological lying.

I was either naive or was just fortunate enough not to have run across such mind blowing behaviour before.

It really threw me for a loop initially until I sought help for myself and educated myself.

One thing I learnt is not to expect things to change, improve or that I can help this person.

He is so broken beyond repair.
The best thing you can do for your own sanity is separate yourself from this toxic person.

I do feel pity for him sometimes because he is so broken and miserable and my empathetic side initially wanted to help him but I quickly learnt that I was only digging myself into a hole that was dark and self destructive.

No contact is the only answer to keep your sanity intact.

He will often act in a certain manner and accuse you of such behaviour because he is hiding his tracks.

When the attention is put to you and you are put on the defensive and you try to defend yourself, no one will be looking at the person accusing you anymore.

And you won’t be able to prove anything either way because this person has been very careful to ensure that you are in a situation by his design where it’s a he said, she said kind of situation

Narcissists get off on confusing, breaking down and trying to destroy other people.

They are so unhappy and insecure to their core that the only thing they know how to do to build up their own self esteem is by taking away other people’s happiness.

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