Why You Can’t Reason With A Narcissist?!

Ad an emphatic individual it’s impossible for you to reason with A Narcissist.

You can’t get A Narcissist to understand anything that he doesn’t want to understand.

It’s not a question of logic or rationality.
The Narcissist simply doesn’t care about the truth because to him his feelings are facts.

He believes you are the enemy because he feels that way.

The more you try to convince him otherwise, the more he will hear a treacherous and untrustworthy person trying to manipulate him.

He must believe this because he lives in a black and white world.

If you are not the enemy then it means that he is the enemy and if you think about it ,, that’s actually true.

If he has to admit that you mean him no harm then how can he explain his rage, abuse and over reactions?

There’s only one explanation and he can’t and won’t accept that explanation.

He can’t accept the shame and humiliation of admitting that his all consuming rage is based on nothing real.

He must justify his behaviour and he can only do that by blaming you so it has to be your fault.

You can’t reason with A Narcissist.
Every hour you spend trying to reason with A Narcissist is an hour of your life spent in hurt, anger, frustration, fear and anxiety for no reason.

It is a colossal waste of time because he will never hear you.

He doesn’t want to and he doesn’t know how.
He can’t afford to listen to you because there’s nothing in it for him.

It will never happen.

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