Why You Feel Lost?!

You are feeling this way because you have been tricked, used, abused, brain washed and discarded for the maggots to eat you.

The Narcissist drained you so he could survive.

You are left feeling EMPTY and ALONE.

Thinking what the hell happened?
What happened is that he conned you out of your identity.

Feeling useless and hopeless is what we are left with.

But remember that TIME heals all wounds.

You will find an abundance of wonderful people who can help you get through this, all you have to do is reach out.

You will find that everyone has a story similar to yours, some will shock you and others might horrify you.

Years ago there was little to no information about the aftershocks of being with A Narcissist.

One of the most difficult things of all is realising that nothing was real and it was all a lie.

Narcissists are con artists who play mind games and destroy hearts for their personal gain.

It is not easy to comprehend all this but the sooner you greet reality the better.

Do not try to get back into his life.
As much as you may want to, I urge you to turn yourself around, hold your head up high and start running in a new direction.

From this experience you will know how strong you truly are.

Another glaring reason of feeling lost is because you have been deeply involved with A Narcissist.

That involvement’s dynamic is highly dysfunctional because The Narcissist is highly dysfunctional.

If you had your own issues concerning your identity, self worth and self acceptance before falling for him, you will feel the compounding effects of it since The Narcissist deliberately exploited those issues in order to gain control and dominance over you.

Even if you didn’t have those issues, The Narcissist will have toyed with your emotions by using various tools from his toolbox.

The more Narcissistic he is the more malicious and crafty it is.

He will deliberately target your self confidence, your identity and your autonomy in order to gain control and feel a sense of superiority over you.

Controllers are always motivated by the sense of insecurity and fear.

Anyone who tells you any different is either ignorant of human motivators or lying to you.

Now you are feeling the effects of what it is really like to be with A Narcissist.

Do you remember how you were before knowing him?

Were you hopeful, confident and happy?

What were your thoughts towards yourself before you meet him?

Was it generally positive and affirming or negative and self defeating?

The Narcissist wants to alter your perception of yourself and the entire world as you see it.

He will tell you lies about yourself.
He will focus on some of your actual imperfections and magnify it trying to make you feel self conscious about it or even more so than you already are.

How can someone judge accurately and rightly when he can’t even get out of his own way and judge himself first by his own standards?

He is a very poor judge and blind to his own predicament.

Believing and taking to heart what he has said or implied to you and how he treated you is almost certainly why you are feeling lost.

I know it is painful but I assure you that there is hope and you are not useless.

You may feel that way right now but it is not true.

Your emotions are tied to your thoughts and
you can either allow your emotions to rule you or you can rule over your emotions.

Many have been in your shoes and we had had to walk it out day by day and moment by moment.

And as we did we began to emerge on the other side of it wiser, more prepared and hopeful that something better is coming our way.

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