Will His Terrible Actions Ever Catch Up On Him?

In short YES.

Look at his facial expressions.

Talk to him, you will hear a grand amount of negativity in his conversation.

Look at how nervous he usually is, how suspicious, scared and controlling.

I was subjected to horrifying lies from a Covert Narcissist, many faced, chameleon, pathetic loser, parasite masked as a decent, misunderstood and humble.

He surrounds himself with people he buys and deception.

His face now is wrinkly, his expressions range from nasty to worried, to angry, to catatonic, to ugly, or to attractive in a matter of seconds, like he can’t decide what kind of a man he really is.

His attention span is very short, he is a drifter without a permanent address, without anything permanent.

What does Karma have to do with this?

For normal people, love is not for sale, and leaching of others is wrong, and hurting others in the process is also wrong.

Being a Narcissist, he attempts to assume decent people’s traits, philosophy or even attempts to wear another person’s talent!

He will pretend to be not very smart, while trying to strip you off your dignity, your gifts and your success by humiliating you!

He will borrow your manner of acting, speaking, behaving and carrying yourself like a crazy monster would try to be a gentle heavenly creature!

When any woman deals with him, he would in the beginning very subtly, be nice and sweet to her, making her feel happy and appreciated, he tends to give long hugs and say loving words.

Sounds familiar?

Don’t be afraid to be analytical.

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

The Narcissist I knew started devaluing me immediately after he realised I was hooked.

He would say things that are inconceivably nasty and unappreciative to a woman.

He will not compliment me.

He would use sarcasm to the max, considering that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

He would make comments that he likes me and he means well and in his perspective, he does good things for me.

He took much more than he gave bread crumbs.

Further in communication, if one decides to give them the benefit of the doubt big mistake!

Narcissist uses intermittent reward technique, where positive reinforcement from him is altered with more and more frequent and more and more severe negative reinforcement behaviours towards you.

Get out and make that parasite starve!

Does not matter if he gets his next victim or not, because if each victim he tries to use dumps him, guess what?!

He has dumped and devalued himself!

He would demonstrate to the public that women love him by publicising his fake relationships all over the Internet, he would repeat the discard pattern for every new victim attempting to make old discarded victims jealous.

He would pretend to care in public, and he would bite your head off in private, mixing nasty words of discard with false expressions of appreciation and asking you to remain friends.

He would make his flying monkeys stay on his side by bribing them and giving them verbal nonsense.

His flying monkeys surround any new victim and any suspected enemy to ensure the Narcissist stays unharmed.

The Narcissist must have created lots of enemies.

Those flying monkeys gets rotated and presented as casual regular folks, not to raise suspicion and to infiltrate ranks of people he would screw over.

Narcissists would alter any plans they make with new victims to throw them off balance, have the edge and to devour off their ideas, time, dignity, money, potential business connections, and to get information about victim’s supporters and friends, to get the upper hand and control.

New research shows that Narcissists becomes less popular over time in any setting.

Their surface level behaviour is not creating anything much in particular, facades do not affect ultimate outcomes.

Yes they can get in shape, stop using drugs or alcohol, get their short lived glossy look sharpened, but this will all deflate under their pathetic personality, which will show quickly any second the Narcissist gets drunk with his own obsessions with himself and pretends he has power, which his very actions show he can’t EVER achieve.

Narcissists are easy to see through by any more or less educated people.

To me he lied about many things, when he said he was unaffected by my disappearance, that was a regular way to conceal that he actually suffered Narcissistic Injury, does not really matter how much, it matters that he did.

He said rude and hurtful things to me, devaluing me even further, and when I told him how much I suffered, he answered by saying that it will not bring him back to me.

What does not help in situations with Narcissists particularly, if the Narcissist is a male is the fact that media and some cultures promote nasty male behaviours towards women, trying to put decent women down and justify losers that in most cases are incapable to provide them emotional or financial support.

On even deeper level, Covert Narcissist is unable to sustain intimacy, so this fact is masked by hurtful and insulting statements that Narcissists throws at victims that are being discarded.

Discard came for me when he realised he would not get praise from me, as I started to see his true colours very quickly and made several comments to his face about that.

Several people said to me that such type of a man, “mooch”, is out to use women, the mooch would stay clear from a woman the minute he realises her intelligence and sense of self worth and will clutch the one that is inexperienced, has very few options in life, has a very low self esteem to provide him emotional support at all costs, until apparently, he sucks her out dry and discards her.

Karma manifests itself to the Narcissist by the fact that he can’t get out of the proverbial cycle: Love bombing, devaluation and discard.

He knows he will be dumped, so he dumps his victim first and turns to the next one.

As a perpetual loser, he expects to lose in advance, with each and every victim.

Never mind he has them compartmentalised.

It is fun to watch how the next victim would love to ask a question to previous ones about “what was going on?

I loved him, and I was very patient with his nasty behaviour.

It was not love, it was compassion that he covertly solicited.

Now, the only real feelings I have for him is nausea.

Our involvement was very short, but the damage done to me was severe.

I still tried to understand what is going on and I spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet and talking to many people.

I discovered that I am not alone in this situation.

Karma will catch up with him, faster than any skeptical person would think.

A lot of people have had this experience with the monstrous parasites, vampires, weak and immoral people.

Nothing lasts with them.

We are not victims!

We are now stronger and standing taller than ever, and I do believe that awareness of this nasty personality type, combined with very serious mental disorder, will eventually eradicate it from our society.

It absolutely should, and I believe it will.

There is such an opinion on social media and in printed materials that Narcissists are horrific and powerful dangerous people.

Mental case can be, of course, horrific if one allows it to be in uncontrolled setting where the Psycho would say or do something damaging or throw a brick on your head.

In many cases anybody he is dealing with, have real leverage and the Narcissist is scared to death of payback and exposure as a consequence of his actions that in many cases are purely irrational.

Any semi reasonable person spending more than 5 minutes talking to him will realise that something isn’t right with him.

I had some people, commenting that certain Narcissist’s face on pictures indicates insanity!

Any semi reasonable person would decipher his idiocy after being in 1 or 2 situations with him.

And do you think the Narcissist would fool people perpetually?

Well, if certain people believe him, it indicates very superficial level of those people and of communication itself.

But there are a lot of smart people out there.

And word gets around about him being a junkie in the past and maybe, even in present, people see how he acts like an evil creature, and they know how many partners he had and lost which makes one wonder.

If people are silent it is either because they are financially benefiting from association with him or because their lives are so empty that they don’t have a capacity to compare one with the other.

Eventually, regardless how much he tries to plot and compartmentalise, negative energy that is emitted from his actions and influences, people he is screwing over will surface.

People will wonder What the hell is really wrong with him?

And somebody will point to the problem.

Narcissists stays hidden in the shade to avoid encounter with those that have had it and will make others aware of the essence of this conundrum.

There are much more good people out there to help the truth come out so justice will prevail!

What goes around comes around, always, and it is in this lifetime.

They can’t deal with coming obliteration and judgment day.

They can’t be happy when they get old, because they get worse and ghosts of those whose lives they damaged and whom they screwed over, will keep them up at night.

The old Covert Narcissist will not see or hear anybody around, eventually, other than his own real ugly face in the mirror.

To the good people reading this post,

When getting involved with anyone, please, look long and hard into what kind of a person he/she is before giving them your heart.

Looks can be deceiving.

Observe their behaviour, be vigilant, be careful, maintain boundaries, and stand for yourself!!

This blog is in relevance to my own experience, which was very tragic and shook me to my very core and nearly destroyed me.

This story is by no means intended to target any random individual, anybody who reads this, including the ones with Narcissistic Disorder.

The sole purpose of my blog is to bring awareness about the disorder itself, and on the broader scale, make people realise that upbringing starts in the family, and even from the moment a child is conceived.

Creating life is a huge responsibility, and what becomes of our children is, mostly, the responsibility of the parents.

Even if society may damage a person’s perspective and behaviour, the roots of Narcissism in general starts from the very early childhood.

To all Narcissists,

Please, look around.

You don’t know what people you are dealing with went through.

You can’t hate everybody just because you had a misfortune to deal with bad people.

Treasure the ones who loves you.

Learn to recognise the difference between good and bad.

Making innocent people pay for what you suffered is unfair.

The best way to get satisfaction from life is to become a bigger person, and to extend your greatness to help this World and make it more beautiful.

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