Will This Nightmare Ever Ends?!

This question is asked by so many victims of Narcissists and is the most painful and often the most understood concept of Narcissistic Abuse out there.

Narcissists come along, open you up and destroy you from a close range taking your world and sanity with them.

That is until you wise up and escape from this illusion.

How many victims are trapped in fear and confusion because they do not understand this disorder?

Most of us feel really stupid once we realise exactly what we allowed into our lives.

But we fell in love with the beautiful charming romantic dreamy man and we were sincere in our feelings towards him.

We devoted ourselves, forgave him many times and overlooked faults.

We encouraged and interpreted his arrogant, selfish, odd behaviours to others and defended him.

There is NO shame in loving someone.
The shame belongs to The Narcissist alone.

So when you are finally ready to face who he really is and what he really did, you will want to hate him.

To retaliate.
To tell the world what he did.
To avenge your good name.
And fight for the things you have lost to get him back.

Don’t and Let it all go.

You are surviving abuse and you need to walk away.

Bickering will only spur on more abuse, confusion, retaliation and you can lose your upper hand which is the truth.

He wants you to beg him to stay so don’t.
He wants you to feel sorry for him.

He began spreading lies about you long before he showed you signs of losing interest as he began blaming you for appearances of things instead of the actual facts of the matter and getting you to defend yourself and your motives.

That is the payoff to him.
So stop taking the blame on you.
Just half listen and stop caring so much.

The best revenge you will ever have in the end is moving forward and enjoying your Freedom.

I CAN tell you if you keep pondering and researching about this disorder you will get through the tunnel of shock, denial, betrayal and trauma into recovery, hope and a new life.

We all see the same patterns and we could not all be wrong.

Just trust your intuition and be patient with yourself.

Get this one simple fact which is You are FREE and You got YOUR life back!

Stop looking back over your shoulder or you may run into a pole and stumble.

You don’t want a person who is a lying cheating abusive user willing to scam people rather than get real help or take care of himself through hard work paying off.

Right now start planning your life again as you did before.

You have to figure out who you are now.
And who you want to be.

How you want your life to be.
You have your POWER back.
No more defending.
No more hiding.
No more guilt and shame of loving the wrong man.

You get to be YOU again.
Rediscover the real joys of life and make time to be happy.

It will heal you.

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