With Every Aching Piece Of My Heart, I Write!!

Everyone has their own escape from reality.

The one thing that separates your sanity from insanity.

The one thing that actually keeps you sane.

Mine is writing.
Yours may be singing, drawing or reading.
Or maybe plugging in your headphones and simply just let the music take you away to your own paradise.

Whatever it is, it is uniquely yours and not a single soul can take it away from you.

Others may not understand why you do what you do and that’s ok.

It isn’t about them understanding anyway, it is about you expressing your feelings and setting your soul free for a bit.

For me setting my soul free involves writing my feelings in a blog and expressing my happiness, hurt and anxiety with total strangers.

Total strangers that in some way totally relate.

My heartaches for things I wish I could change or at least alter to my understanding.

Things that I wish I could express verbally but find so hard to do.

Things that I have little or no control over but would give anything to understand.

My heart also jumps with joy at times and memories I wish I could hold on to forever.

Things that I dreamt of but never thought in a million years that it would happen.

Things that turn my dreams into reality and make reality better than my dreams for once.

Writing allows all of this to happen.

It allows me to escape the stressors of life, focus on my emotions and drift away into my zoned out state with no stress attached.

Emptying your emotions is one of the best ways to set your soul free.

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