With This Letter I Say A Final Goodbye To You!!

It’s taken me a while to get up the nerve to write this letter to you.

You hurt me in a way I never thought possible. Yes, I have had heartbreaks before but I never thought that you would do this to me.

Now instead of remembering you as my other half, I just think of you as the special friend who broke my heart.

Thanks to you, I now know that I will have a hard time making new friends.

I will never know when one of them might betray me like you did.

You said you would always be there but in the blink of an eye everything changed.

I only wish you were here right now so I could talk to you in person and maybe understand things better.

In retrospect, I guess the breakup signs were obvious.

Maybe I was just naive to think we would work things out.

I still can’t figure out how things suddenly turned bad when it seemed like just the day before we were laughing until we were crying.

What did I do that was so wrong?
You asked me a question and I answered it honestly.

We have always been honest before or that I thought.

For a year everything was great and suddenly it was like you hated me.

I wish you could help me understand.
Maybe then it wouldn’t have hurt so bad.

I have always believed friends could be soulmates too and for once, I thought I have found mine.

We were so close.
We had been through a lot yet we kept going strong.

Was it all just a lie?
One day you were calling me by my nickname and the next you were telling me that I was too much, too emotional and I get attached and to you it sounded like a crime.

I didn’t do anything to you, yet you lied to yourself and decided to be extremely cruel.

I lost more than you that day, yet I couldn’t get past the shock of your behaviour and cruelty.

I know you will make other special friends in no time.

I just didn’t know that I wasn’t good enough.
I wish you could have just told me that to start with.

It would have hurt but at least it would have made more sense.

We are both going through changes in our lives.
I only wanted to be there for you and thought you wanted to do the same for me.

The final time I was there for you seemed to be the breaking point.

Why did you have to be that cruel towards me?
It’s been sometime, yet I have never heard a sincere apology.

I have called you and you have turned me down.
I think it might have made a little difference if I knew you cared or had any regrets.

I know you would never admit it but I can’t help but wonder if you miss me or if you ever will.

We have both been through a lot.
Did you ever miss our daily conversations or have I even crossed your mind?

Seeing how you have changed has made me glad that we are no longer friends.

Friends care about each other and they don’t pretend like you always did.

Without your final tantrum on that fateful day, I might never have seen who you really are.

I will be honest, it still hurts sometimes.
I trusted you too much that I now fear that my close friends today might do the same thing you did.

I guess it would be too much to assume that you will notice that I can move on and won’t get derailed from following my dreams.

With this letter I say a final goodbye to you.

I just want to wish you the best despite your vicious breakup and I only hope you feel the same about me.

Take care my so-called friend.


  • This is an amazing piece of art, wow i can relate so much to this.
    I hope you found piece, you deserve a lot better.
    P.S. you are so pretty 😍

    • We all have been similar situations in our lives, losing someone we hoped to never lose is a difficult reality to accept but life goes on.
      Thank you for your kind words 🤗

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