Yes The Narcissist Hates You.

The Narcissist declines into a degenerative, dwindling and sheer state of putrefaction of his own.

What I mean to say is an euphemism in comparison with what it truly is.

An impaired state of dishonour and disgrace that God brings upon The Narcissist.

For the Lord said : Vengeance is mine, I will repay.

Normal people fall on rock bottom.
As for The Narcissist, rock bottom is a mere pit of fire in which the calumniator cremates before his last and everlasting voyage to hell.

This is what happens when his disenchanted enablers finally see through the cracks of the mask.

A disgusting, abhorrent and iniquitous villain.

A villain from an ordinary life who spent most of his life rewriting history by spinning a fictional and chimerical narrative of his life based on what lined up the best with his fraudulent sense of reality.

Now his former enablers see him for who he really is.

A charlatan, a traitor, a hypocrite, a liar, a thief, an opportunist and a chameleon.

Yes The Narcissist was always a chameleon who adapted himself to his environment and modified his colours to conform with others.

Until God grabbed him, dislodged him from where he should have never belonged to and threw him in his bottomless pit where Demons are imprisoned.

The problem is that from there The Narcissist being A Narcissist will still find a way to burn with a finger pointed at others.

The Narcissist never learns.
Learning is a process which requires growth.

Unfortunately the noun growth isn’t a part of The Narcissist’s vocabulary.

In that respect The Narcissist would rather choose to rot all by himself in a coffin and have blowflies lay his eggs into his skin than admitting he has done something wrong and therefore needs to grow.

In his pit of fire The Narcissist will lose everyone and everything that he cherished.

At some point he will have some uncanny fragments of Nostalgia from this Golden Age when the two of you seemed to be so happy.

It was the good old times but according to him you screwed it up.

That is why Nostalgic always turns quickly into a requiem of revulsion towards you.

Yes The Narcissist Hates You.

His brain is wired with four words,
It is your fault.

In this sense the penalty should be all yours.
And yet it is him again who is a martyr lacerated by the whip of the flames and burning all along with his scattered reminiscences.

The Narcissist will always be in an altered state of Nostalgia and Hatred which ultimately means that his conscience will never be at rest.

His conscience will be in a permanent combustion and will never allow him to be in peace.

The trail of misery that was left behind him will find its way back to him.

There may be in day perhaps in which God will hand sow a seed within the core of The Narcissist’s Heart.

In the natural world some difficult soils need pasteurisation and sterilisation.

Now in the spiritual world fire is replaced with pasteurisation and sterilisation and was meant to neutralise, regenerate and renew The Narcissist’s Heart.

One should not worry about him,
Your debt is paid and now praise The Lord.

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