You Are Not Going To Miss Him Forever.

I know you are waiting for your phone to light up with a new message from him.

I know you are one text message away from asking him to meet up just to talk about things.

I know you are second guessing how everything ended and wondering if maybe just maybe things didn’t have to end after all.

I know you want to run back to him and I know that in this moment you think he is just what you need.

But the truth is that he is no longer the right person for you.

He is no longer the person who will bring you comfort or who will make everything ok.

He is no longer the same person you were in love with because actually he never was.

And when everything broke apart you each became separate.

You changed and how he left wasn’t clean enough to mend.

And right now it doesn’t feel good.

I know the world feels grey and depressing.
I know you feel like a thick dreary fog which separates you from any hope of happiness.

You don’t care about anything right now except that you are missing him.

And I know you want to fix things because you so badly just want to feel better.

I know it is tempting.
You want to run back and be comforted with one of his bear hugs.

You want just one glimpse of that familiar smile.

I know you want to call him and reach out to him pretending that none of this happened.

But the truth is that he isn’t the one who can make you feel better.

He is no longer the one who is going to mend your heart.

Only you can put yourself back together.
And even if you do run back to him,

you are not going to find what you need anymore.

You will just relive the same ending over again while deep down you know that things are different.

You know that you are supposed to stay apart.

And in the pit of your stomach you know that your story has ended before it even starts.

I know how badly it hurts to want him back but one day it won’t hurt so bad.

One day you will actually smile when you think of it all.

One day you will actually smile when you remember the silly nicknames he had for you and the way he used to laugh sweetly at your clumsiness.

But right now?
Wallow ,, Mourn and Cry.

It’s ok to feel hurt.
It’s ok to feel like this.
Because you need it.

It’s ok to let your mind wander through the memories even though it hurts.

It’s ok to wonder what if and to cry about all of the memories you thought you would still create with him.

But what you should know deep down is that this is what was meant to happen.

Even though it is over your story will always have a meaning.

Your cherished memories with him will always be a special part of who you are.

You learnt about yourself when you were with him.

You learnt how to love.
You learnt how living with a broken heart feels like.

I promise that you are not going to be sad forever.

One day the tears will stop flowing so easily.
One day you are going to move on and he’s going to become just a bittersweet memory.

A story of your most magnetic love.
A story of your most painful heartbreak.
And a story of your most delicate crush.

Then one day you will find your forever person and you will be gladly ready for him.

You will be glad you said goodbye right now.

You will be glad that you had your heart broken once upon a time because it led you to something even more special

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