You Are Stronger Than The Narcissist.

It’s quite simple to get The Narcissist to avoid you like the Black Death if you want to.

You just need to understand him.
You see in every attack, debasement, devaluation and attempted smear The Narcissist launches against you he reveals his greatest weaknesses.

If he calls you stupid then he has a deep inner fears of being thought of as stupid.

Think of all the things he said and done.
Make a list then flip it.

If The Narcissist attempts to hoover use all the information he has placed so malignantly and foolishly into your hands and hit him with it full force repeatedly as many times as it takes.

Sure he will spread lies about you behind your back as usual revealing his real pole position in life while grasping at whatever straws he can to try to feel better about his loser self but he will always stay behind you.

Always watching, lurking, creeping around the hedges of your life trying to find ways to interject himself into it.

He is a coward at heart and always has been.
You will feel kind of bad about it later.

Right up until logic takes over and reminds you of the deliberate pain this person has put you through and then the guilt will fade away.

And so does The Narcissist into the black abyss of all things dead and gone in your life.

You are stronger than The Narcissist and always have been.

Treat him the way he treated you and you will find out that he doesn’t fare nearly as well through that psychological beating as you did.

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