You Broke Me Into A Warrior.

You broke me in the worst ways possible.

You tormented me.
You hurt me mentally and emotionally.

You made me into a puddle of the woman I was.

I was disgusted with myself.
I was ashamed of myself.
I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without seeing everything you had done to me.

It became part of my identity.
You became part of my identity.

You became someone I saw in my own reflection.

I thought that I would never get rid of you completely.

My own image made me sick and I knew that was wrong.

I knew that you were to blame not me.
I knew I couldn’t continue to hate myself.
I knew that I had been going about it all wrong.

So I changed course.
I fought back harder than ever.
I stopped letting your actions define me as a person.

You continued to break me but I was morphing into a warrior with every cracked piece.

Every piece that broke off built an armour.

I was fighting to keep myself together.
I was fighting for the woman you continued to break.

I was fighting to save myself from losing everything.

You never expected me to grow strong enough to defeat you but I did.

You broke me into a warrior.
A warrior that was able to finally defend herself.

A warrior that was able to stand strong against every blow you threw my way.

A warrior that is still standing as you wither away in a cell.

A warrior that is stronger than ever.
You made this warrior by breaking the woman I once was and you only have yourself to blame.


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