You Can’t Understand The Narcissistic Mind.

Try as much as you want but you won’t be able to make sense out of crazy.

You can’t understand Narcissism or A Narcissist’s method of thinking by you trying to view it through YOUR mind’s perspective.

To understand what The Narcissist means having somehow survived through what can only be described as sheer hell with Satan himself.

The Narcissist is the physical embodiment of Evil when provoked.

The Narcissist is sadistic, highly volatile and physically dangerous as his co existing personality disorder feed off other people’s misery.

The psychopathic part of The Narcissist’s psychology loathes people especially himself.

However The Narcissist craves constant supply and adoration from other people.

This deep conflict within The Narcissist fills him with tremendous rage.

Not every Narcissist is a serial killer but every known serial killer was A Narcissist.

There is also a specific victimology that plays out.

It’s a complete and unexpected loss of all self control that can occur even when The Narcissist is attempting to remain composed.

All that’s required for this to occur is a trigger which will vary from one Narcissist to another.

This is The Narcissist profile as the one most likely to stalk and injure.

The best advice is lots of physical distance and a conscious effort to not trigger him to violence.

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