You Don’t Deserve A Second Chance.

You walked out without saying a word during what I thought was the happiest time of my life.

I don’t know where you went or why.
I just know that I suffered a broken heart that I thought would never heal.

And here we are after so much time looking into each other’s eyes again.

You shouldn’t be here.
I can’t let you take away the happiness I worked so hard for.

But I want answers.
Where did you go?
Why weren’t you man enough to tell me you were leaving?

How are you so calm right now?
I feel a connection with you but I shouldn’t because you are just a stranger now.

It takes everything in me not to scream at you.

Not to lash out and say all the hurtful things I held in for so long.

You were everything to me.
Lazy summer days and long winter nights. Everything little girls dream of in happily ever afters.

You left me.
What makes you think you can pop up in my life again?

Did you truly think that I would welcome you back with open arms?

I’m not the woman you knew before.
You will never know the person I have become because you don’t deserve to.

You are not welcome here.
Not in my home and not in my heart.

I am finally happy.
I don’t need you anymore.
I have found someone else.
I have someone I can count on.
I have someone who treats me with the respect that you could never muster.
I have someone who would never toss me aside.

Someone who loves me unconditionally.
So once and for all.
This is the last good bye.


  • Love your writing.

  • Reading your post reminds me of one Of my bestfriend.. I had/have.. We have lost contact past few years.. ! And she says the same.. ! I am not What I was.. ! And from within i tell myself.. I am not what i was 😐

    • ☹️☹️☹️

      • You are doing a great work by helping me knowing your thoughts.. through which I am relating to her thoughts at that point of time… ! Thank you for gathering courage and putting your feelings into words

      • Thank you so much for your beautiful words 🤗

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