You Don’t Destroy The Person You Love.

You didn’t love her you just didn’t want to be alone or maybe she was good for your ego or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life but you didn’t love her because you don’t destroy the person that you love!
~Grey’s Anatomy~

Sometimes we mistake love for infatuation.
Sometimes we think attention matters more than the right things.

Sometimes we fall fearlessly and don’t stop even though we know it isn’t the right person or the right love.

And there is something about the wrong love that makes us fall harder.

There is something about the wrong love that makes us want it more.

There is something about the person who doesn’t treat us right that makes us want him and only him.

And we convince ourselves that this can be something that it is not.

We convince ourselves that this is love.
Our feelings are so intense that we think it has to be love.

We love the wrong person and we let him destroy us.

Sometimes it happens so slowly that we don’t see it as self destructive because he isn’t always cruel.

Sometimes he masks his cruelty with kindness.

Sometimes he disguises himself and really he is just so wrong for us but we don’t want to believe it.

It is never a surprise to fall for him.
I think you and I both know that this type of a person we have been dancing with is The Devil In Disguise.

There is something appealing about the things we can’t have.

There is something that draws us in about The Devil.

And with every Devil comes an Angel because maybe we sometimes need The Devil.

Maybe we thrive on the drama and just maybe we need him as much as he needs to use someone.

Maybe neither of us want to be alone and as some say misery loves company.

I know you see the good in everyone.
I know you probably won’t change.

I know you think you can bring out the good in him.

But love isn’t supposed to hurt this much.
You love him but I don’t think he has ever loved you.

I think he loved that you love him.
I think he loved that you need him.
I think he loved that you boost his ego.
But this isn’t love.

Love isn’t this adrenaline rush of emotions.
Love isn’t tearing someone a part.

Love isn’t pain.
Love isn’t confusion.
Love doesn’t leave us wondering.

Love isn’t trying so hard to keep someone’s attention.

Love is simple.
Love is supposed to build us up and not knock us down.

Love is supposed to fill us and not leave us empty as we sacrifice parts of ourselves to appease him.

I know you think you love him.
But you can’t see what this thing you define as love has done to you.

You can’t see that your broken pieces are only breaking more.

You can’t see the light in your eyes dimming.
You can’t see yourself slowly being destroyed but that is what’s happening.

You can’t see it because we see what we want when we are ready.

But here I am telling you that he is going to destroy you even more if you let him.

He is going to change you even more if you let him.

And down the road you are going to look back at your reflection in the mirror and you won’t be able to recognise the person you have become.

Don’t lose yourself to this thing you think is love because his isn’t love.

Love is so much more than this.

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