You Just Need To Believe.

It is time to forget all those times when you have been hurt.

It is time to come out to the light.
You have been hiding for so long.
You have been afraid to let down your walls.

Maybe you have missed on someone because you were scared to open your heart.

You need to realise that all what happened was for a reason.

You had to go through that.
Your tears, your pain and your loneliness needed to happen.
It is a life.
Your life.

One day you will find out what real love feels like.

You will find your man and you will be happy.

It is all about patience.
You just need to learn how to wait.
Because real love deserves that.

Real love is believeing completely that you will succeed together.

Real love is having endless trust in someone you love.

You are being honest about everything.
You are showing endless support.

Real love is letting someone love you.
Let love surprise you and make you happy because you deserve it.

You deserve someone who will wake you up with a sweet kiss and a warm hug.

You deserve somone who will put you first.
Let love make you walk on clouds.
Don’t be afraid, don’t worry and just believe.

You will find your love.
You will find your man.
Somewhere he is waiting for you.

Just wait.
Because love is worth waiting.

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  • Love is fire of pure awareness.. That spreads even when everything around is in darkness..

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