You Lost Her!

After all those dreams that would never be she finally woke up.

And now you are losing her.
She will no longer talk to you.
She will no longer message you.

No more initiating and prolonging conversations or asking about how you are.

No more typing and retyping words in hopes that you will find some interest.

She will no longer try to make you smile when all that you are doing is take away hers.

She will no longer wait.
No more waiting for the time that she will see you again.

She will no longer wait for your name to pop up.

No more waiting if you would remember that it is her birthday and if you will ever notice that she is not ok.

She will no longer wait for you to ask how she is.

She will no longer expect you to reciprocate.
It is unfair and she realised that now.

She finally understood that no one can force someone to stay.

She would stop clinging to what you were and will no longer see you as her hope.

She will no longer try.
No more trying to be the person that you need.

Perhaps you might not even notice but you will no longer hear from her.

You will no longer be the one she thinks of to share her stories with good or bad.

You will no longer be the person she remembers when a certain song plays.

You will no longer be a constant thought in her mind.

She will no longer be there because you already lost her.

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