You Made Me Feel Like The Crazy One.

I didn’t ask for you to enter my life.
You entered that night all sweet and caring.

And to be honest I thought nothing of it at first.

You flirted and I flirted back.
You initiated everything.

I didn’t realise what I was getting into but I took the chance.

Only you wanted me just for fun, another toy in your collection.

I didn’t ask to be the crazy one but you made me feel that way.

You made me feel like I was the crazy one for caring.

You made me feel like a fool for waiting around as you cancelled plans.

You made me participate in a game, I didn’t ask to play.

You made me question every move and feel insecure.

You made me want to try harder because I never felt like I was good enough.

You made me feel like I was a burden for looking forward to time spent together.

The fights we got into you told me I was the one over reacting.

And you had the nerve to make me feel bad for caring about you because you only wanted to take and you only gave me tears.

You made me fall for you with no intension of catching me.

But you made me a better person.
You taught me to never settle for assholes like you.

You taught me to never let someone treat me that way again.

I regained my self respect when I walked away because y real friends stepped forward that night when I hit rock bottom.

Now I will take a moment to thank you for your time even though mine was wasted.

For your words even though only mine were genuine.

For teaching me through being an example about the person I don’t deserve.

The time will come and we will cross paths again.

I want you to know when you are looking back at me as I walk away that my head won’t turn for a moment and seeing you won’t ever hurt me again.

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