You Will Never Be The Same!

It will hurt harder than you ever thought possible and for longer than you ever thought possible but IT WILL END.

You will get over it.
You will realise that life is STILL awesome.

It is a growing experience and you will be a better and a stronger person after going through it.

Life doesn’t present us with too many opportunities to cry to sad movies, wear sweatpants for days and sleep all day.

Don’t beat yourself up and ride that emotional rollercoaster.

It is so bad that sometimes it feels like someone died and it is OK to treat it like this and mourn.

It hurts like hell and you will cry a lot for a WHILE.

Just know that it is OK to be sad, to cry and to feel like your heart is broken into a million piece.

Even if it lasted for months, even if you thought about it and start bawling all over again when you thought you were over it.
It is OK.

There is no right way to feel about a breakup and no right time to heal and move on.

But at some point you will be going to bed without crying once all day.

And then you will go a week without being sad about it.

Then you will realise that it is all OK.

Sure, it is not fair that you got your heart broken but that doesn’t mean you that should give up hope.

If you could fall that hard for the wrong one, imagine how hard will fall for the the right one.

Don’t immediately try to find someone new to distract yourself.

You don’t need to reinvent yourself but you do need to make healthy choices and try to steer clear of potentially not so healthy behaviours.

Don’t stop listening to your favourite band just because he liked listening to them.

Don’t stop going to the places you love just because it reminds you of him.

Go and make New Memories there.

Fight the urge to go back to him and remember that it is broken for a reason.

It may be tempting especially if you still have feelings for him or when you are trying to find a closure but always remember that it ended for a reason.

Keep in mind that we all tend to remember the good times and overlook the bad, so when you are reminiscing on the past make sure to include the things you hated about him like how he suddenly changed after misleading you then denying everything.

It will give you a perspective.

That Heartbreak will eventually help you grow as a person.

Heartbreak is life’s way of preparing you for who you are ultimately meant to be with.

Don’t let your past dictate how you act in the future.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to love or to trust another person because if you did you will be ruining your life.

Let The Past Go.

Having to find yourself after being so close to someone is difficult.

I think it is so hard to find yourself after a breakup because you become a different person completely, you will never be exactly the same and you will never be who you were when you were with together because being with him changed you and now you have to find yourself again.

Break yourself down and then build it back up to be an even better than before.

Remember that this won’t last forever.

That horrible feeling in your chest will go away.

This person didn’t love you but someone else will.

You will literally never be the same and that is OK.

You will feel like you will never love the same way again, and it is True.

But you will move on after this experience looking at life in a different way.

So Look Forward To It.

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  • It’s reassuring to know that we can recover after such a cruel experience.
    Thank you so much for your posts ❤️

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